• Gel nail enhancements
  • Gel nail enhancements

    Gel nail enhancements give a super glossy finish to the nails...

Gel nail enhancements

gel nail enhancements glasgow

Gel nail enhancements are for customers looking for extra length and
strength. The service begins with the application of a nail tip to
the nail to add length. This can then be trimmed to the desired
length. Gel nail enhancements give a super glossy finish to the nails.
They can be left to look natural, painted with a French gel, or even
have Minx, Swarovski or Artistic Colour Gloss on them.
Gel nail enhancements lasts on fingernails for approx 2 weeks, all
depending on how well you follow the aftercare advice from your nail
If you would like to remove the enhancements, we would advise that you
return to your nail technician and have these carefully soaked and
buffed off for a small charge.

Add some Gel Enhancements to your nails by making an appointment today
with Nail Perfection by Julie, in Glasgow on 07595 848 003 or Julie@nailperfectionglasgow.co.uk

gel nail enhancements glasgow gel nail enhancements glasgow

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