Treat your nails like JEWELS… NOT TOOLS!

Treat your nails like JEWELS… NOT TOOLS!

Here’s my top 5 essential tips for keeping you Artistic Colour Gloss in tip top condition!!! Someone once told me that you should treat your nails like Jewels….not tools….and they couldn’t have been more right! Please follow my steps to get the very best out of your Artistic Colour Gloss nail treatment.

1. Use a good cuticle oil such as Dadi’ Oil daily to keep the cuticle and surrounding skin soft and subtle.  This also helps to keep the      gel polish soft and flexible and helps to prevent it becoming brittle.

dadioil nails glasgow

2.  Always wear rubber gloves when embarking on work involving cleaning detergents of any kind (washing dishes etc).

3.  Do not expose the nails to harsh cleaning products either.

4.  Never ‘pick’ your Artistic Colour Gloss off, always remove them correctly, or come back to the salon to have them removed      professionally.  See after care advice for removal instructions.

5.  Be sure to book return appointments in advance….once you have your 1st Artistic Colour Gloss treatment….you will be addicted!!!


Julie x


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