• Swarovski nails
  • Swarovski nails

    Swarovski crystals give the ulltimate ‘Bling’ effect on your nails...

Swarovski nails

swarovski nails glasgow

Swarovski Nails are created by the individual placement of Swarovski
crystals onto each nail plate. The Swarovski Manicure and The
Swarovski Pedicure give the ulltimate ‘Bling’ effect on your nails and
really does look amazing. You may choose to go for The French
Swarovski, this is when you have the tips of the nail encrusted in our
sparkling Swarovski crystals. Alternatively you could choose to have
just one finger, or toe encrusted with Swarovski Crystals…..the
choices are endless!
Swarovski Nails are perfect for holidays and special occasions, this
really is the ultimate treat!

swarovski nails glasgow

Swarovski Nails will leave you with ultra glamorous nails that can
last on fingernails for approx 7 days and approx 2-4 weeks on
toenails, all depending on how well you follow the aftercare advice
from your nail technician.

Treat yourself for that special occasion by making an appointment
today with Nail Perfection by Julie, in Glasgow on 07595 848 003 or Julie@nailperfectionglasgow.co.uk

swarovski nails glasgow

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